There are 78 cards in the tarot deck and this course will last 78 days. Each day we will be looking at a new card, exploring its meanings, artwork, relationship to the previous and next card in the suit, reversed meaning and our own personal interpretation of the card.

Your course fee includes a free copy of the best selling TarotSG Software. I wrote the card meanings for this software, which was created by Steve Gunn.

You can begin this course at any time, there are always many people at different stages. The course is one to one interaction, just you and I, via email, so no mass emailings and no pressure to keep up with everyone else.

As we progress through the course I will be setting tasks to complete, starting with small spreads of 3 and 5 cards and progressing to larger more in-depth spreads. These can be saved with the TarotSG software and emailed to me along with your own interpretation of what the spread means. Tarot is not an exact science, so I wont be marking work as correct or incorrect, merely highlighting areas that you may not have considered and confirming when you are on the right track.

At the end of the course you will know the Tarot, be familiar with the cards, their meanings and their relationship to one another and you will have the confidence to practice your skills on others. If you then want to offer services on a professional basis I can refer you to sites where you can set up a virtual office, introduce you to professionals who can help you to create a profile, edit photographs to a professional standard and begin to build your business.

You will need a Tarot deck in order take part in this course, the one used in the TSG software is the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti, he is one of my personal favourites, his artwork is featured on this page he and has created several stunning decks. A selection of these and other beautiful tarot decks are also available for purchase in my online store HERE

The introductory cost of the course is just £78, just one pound per day, (regular price £150) payable in advance via paypal. If paying for the entire course upfront is a problem please email me – we may be able to break it down into smaller instalments. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF WE AGREE TO INSTALLMENTS YOU WONT BE ABLE TO USE THE PAYPAL BUTTON AND WILL NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR AGREED PAYMENT IS IN UK POUNDS ONLY. If you have any questions please contact me.

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