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What goes on Facebook, stays on Facebook.

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When you post something Facebook, do you spare a thought for who may end up reading your status update?

Most of us have encountered a Facebook friend who shares too much information. Break-up drama, anger, sadness, depression, even stories of drug addiction, incarceration and child abuse. Much of the content posted is attention seeking or passive aggressive, all aimed at getting the desired reaction from significant people. But what is the long term damage caused by this kind of behaviour? Read the rest of this entry »

Virtual cheating

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You are in the committed relationship and you discover that your partner has profiles on dating websites and a large group of Facebook ‘friends’ that they interact with on a regular basis. Some of this appears to be flirting, enticing or of a sexual nature, but this is just online so it doesn’t matter right?

Actually it matters a lot.

The fact that they are seeking out and maintaining these interactions is a major red flag. If they are committed to you, why do they need to flirt and have their ego stroked by others? Read the rest of this entry »

Do you need a Facebook Face-cation?

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Social networking sites give us access to information that would never have been available in the past. In some ways this is good. If someone is trying to deceive us then we can save ourselves a lot of time, energy and heartache by clicking a few buttons, checking a few Facebook profiles and gaining instant clarity on what is REALLY going on. Even when someone has a closed Facebook page, all they need is a profile picture, ‘liked’ by a few people with open news feeds and this can be enough to catch them in a lie. Read the rest of this entry »

Beware the Catfish

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Online dating is fast becoming the most popular way of meeting new people. There are many sites to choose from and no reason why you can’t join several, but what are the hidden pitfalls of online dating? Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook and Relationships

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There is no tactful way of putting this, so allow me to be blunt. Facebook is poison to relationships.

It starts when you meet someone. You add one another to Facebook. You feel a little bit insecure, perhaps you are unsure about his feelings and intentions. So instead of asking him, or allowing him to show you, you embark on a fact finding mission in his Facebook archives. Read the rest of this entry »

Ten basic rules for internet dating

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1) Once you have established that you want to get know one another, arrange to chat on webcam. As SOON as possible. This is the next best thing to meeting in person, but with none of the risk. If someone has been misleading about their appearance you will see it right away. If they are only willing to talk to you on webcam when they are at work, when everyone in the house is asleep, or when they are at a friends place, it could indicate that they are in a relationship and just seeking some online interaction. The sooner you find out the better and the less time and energy you will waste. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to do a background check

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images-2Knowledge is power. It helps us to make informed decisions, and avoid costly mistakes. When it comes to relationships, this is especially important. We want to know that the person we are getting involved with is honest, genuine and not hiding anything.

Fortunately, there are some basic free searches that you can do online which can be remarkably revealing. This is not stalking, this is taking responsibility for your own safety and emotional wellbeing. EVERYONE can be found online. Here are five basic searches that you can use to check someone out.

1) Google their name. This often reveals their Facebook profile. It will also show list of people by that name, along with age, location and family members who live with them. This info is not always bang up to date, so if your honey says he is divorced and records show him still sharing a home with his wife it does not mean he is lying, it just means apply caution. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Story of The Internet “troll”

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The people to watch out for when you use message boards, forums or any site where there is direct interaction with others.
Read the rest of this entry »