Align yourself to the love you want.

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If you want to live in a four bedroom house in the suburbs do you:

a) Work towards buying a four bedroom house in the suburbs.

b) Buy a one bed a apartment in the city and then sit around waiting for it to turn into a four bedroom house in the suburbs?

This may seem like a ridiculous question but when it comes to love and relationships I speak to so many people who claim to know what they want and then proceed to look for it in all the wrong places.

The first step to living the life that you want is to ALIGN yourself to it. This sometimes requires making head over heart choices. Loving someone is not enough to make them change into what you want them to be. That person may love you, but it doesn’t mean they want or are even capable of a stable and happy future with you.

Examples of failing to align yourself to what you want:

Waiting for your married love interest to become single, unless of course you want to spend your life being the ‘side piece’.

Continuing to interact with someone who has cheated on you, because your continued presence suggests that cheating is ok.

Hoping your violent partner will turn into a different person, they won’t.

Obsessing over someone who is not making any efforts to contact you. If they cared about you they would not do this.

Secure loving relationships are not something you wait for. You are not Snow White waiting for the kiss from Prince Charming.

If you know what you want then you owe it to yourself to stop following paths that do not lead there and PLEASE get yourself out of that virtual waiting room!

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