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timthumb.phpThere are many misconceptions around psychic readings. Some people think that its all about fortune telling, random predictions and paying someone to paint a rosy picture of the future giving you something to look forward to. There will always be people who offer this service just as there will always be people happy to pay to be entertained in this way.

But this is not what I do.

I deal with specific issues. I am not here to entertain you. I am here to help you. I shine a light into the dark shadows and reveal truths, lies, misunderstandings, dysfunction, negative patterns, and self defeating thoughts and actions.

‘Entertainment’ readings will rarely reveal bad news. They are about reassurance. You may leave the reading feeling relieved, excited and happy – in the short term. Readings like this will feed your ego. What they will not do is address issues, deal with dysfunction and offer solutions to your problems.

Change requires work, not quick fix reassurance.

In my experience I have observed that people who seek regular psychic insight tend to follow a path. They begin by seeking out the quick fix, ego boosting, reassuring, rose tinted, fairy tale readings. These readings allow them to remain in a place of denial by promoting the belief that one day, in the not too distant future, they will wake up and everything will be changed for the better. They will get the job they desire, they will get a commitment from the person they love, they will move to the house of their dreams and they do not have to change ANYTHING about the way they behave in order to get these things.

So their past actions have lead them to where they are right now and sitting back and doing nothing is going to transform their life within the next 6 months? Doesn’t sound too likely does it? But at this stage of the journey, this is often the message that people are looking for when they seek psychic insight.

I cannot read for people when they are at this stage.

As time passes it becomes apparent that even though that reading fed the ego, offered reassurance and left them feeling hopeful and optimistic about the future – NOTHING ACTUALLY CHANGED.

Something even more disturbing is the amount of money that some people are willing to spend getting endless readings from multiple readers determined to find the one who will give that ‘fix’ of reassurance and subsequently allow them to remain stuck in that stagnant pond of denial and misery.

We all have free will. This means that we can choose when or IF we take personal responsibility for our own journey. Some people ‘get it’ very quickly. Others will resist for a lifetime. Most of us fall someplace within those two points.

When 100 psychics have said 100 different things, when 100 predictions failed to pan out, when sometimes obscene amounts of money have been spent with fortune tellers and the querent is still wallowing in the same misery, this is when they usually find me.

I will tell you what you NEED to know. This may not be what you WANT to hear but on some deep level you will know that it makes more sense than any of the quick fix, ego feeding readings have, and you will know that YOU are in control of your destiny.

It wont be easy. It wont be instant. It will take work. IT WILL BRING LASTING CHANGE!

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