I am not a fortune teller!

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I run a program on this site called Stat Counter. It shows how many visitors I get, where they are located, how they found me etc.

I recently noticed a lot of hits coming from a forum where people discuss their experience with psychics and someone mentioned my site and asked if anyone knew me.

There was a response from someone who said that she found me rude and that I had told her I am not a fortune teller.

In addition to the services I offer on this site, I work on a number of platforms that offer per min services. I am self employed and need to maintain a number of different income streams to earn a living. Thankfully, most of my work comes from the clients who find me here on my own site.. This is better for the clients because platforms take anything from 35% – 75% of what I earn which means the clients pays MUCH more to speak to me. Usually around $7.99 US per MINUTE.

The other downside of working on a platform is that I only get three mins to assess if I can help someone before the software takes the session to hire. This is most likely why the person I mentioned above found me rude. I knew I could not help her and wanted to close the session BEFORE she ended up paying me for nothing.

I sometimes find it necessary to tell people (almost always platform callers), that I am not a fortune teller. What I mean by this is that my aim is to empower you, not to draw you into a virtual waiting room while you wait for predictions and time frames to pan out.

When you wait for something or someone, you are wasting YOUR life, and sending out a message that you LIKE WAITING. If you didn’t like it, why would you do it? You are also allowing others to take you for granted. People learn by living with the consequences of their actions and when the consequences are not good, it can provoke change and growth.

When someone pulls away from you, ignores you, has no regard for your feelings, and sees that there are no consequences to that, a few things happen. Mainly they lose respect for you. You are the one who has no boundaries, no self respect, and you allow them to do this, in fact you sit around and WAIT for them to come back and do it to you AGAIN. This means that you do not value yourself.

It is very hard to respect someone who lacks self worth. Its very unattractive.

So when someone pulls away from you and all you want to know is if he is going to call within the next week you are essentially locking yourself in your own self imposed prison.

A fortune teller will feed into that and give you short term, quick fix reassurance, but they won’t help you to break out of that prison.

I never read what is on the surface. I read the underlying dysfunction. I seek to treat the root issues that need to be healed and addressed because once they are, EVERYTHING changes.

I am not a fortune teller!

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