Inner voice versus ego

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One the most common reasons that someone seeks psychic insight is when they sense that something is not quite right and they are hoping that a psychic reading can offer them insight and clarity.

In many cases this can be incredibly helpful. Sometimes we ‘over think’ things and imagine problems where there are none. A psychic reading can then be reassuring and help us to make sense of the confusion we feel.

However there are times when the reason we sensed that something was not quite right is because we are being deceived or mislead, and our inner voice is yelling at us to pay attention because something is wrong.

The important thing to remember about getting psychic insight is that it can reveal what is really going on, and you need to be open to the fact that it may not be what you were hoping to hear.

Approaching a psychic in the hope that they will reassure you that black is really white and dusk is really dawn is not fair on you OR the psychic. If the psychic is working on a platform that gives you the option to leave a rating and comment, your reluctance to accept the information that is conveyed can even result in you leaving a negative review which then has a detrimental effect on the future earning potential of the psychic. You are in effect, not only ‘shooting the messenger’ but also threatening their livelihood.

I believe that this is the main reason that so many psychics relying on platforms to earn a living would rather weave a fairytale to avoid a low rating, than risk ruin by telling the truth. Whilst deceiving clients is unethical and unacceptable, hitting out at someone who is trying to help you accept the TRUTH is not ideal either and while you may get instant reassurance, it wont change what your inner voice is telling you, nor will it alter the outcome.

It is extremely rare for a psychic to get a call from someone who is perfectly happy with every aspect of their life. People seek psychic insight when things are not going as they would like. They want good news, happy predictions and in some cases they want to be told that their inner voice is WRONG.

It is VERY easy for a psychic to pick up what you WANT to hear, the question is are you ready for the truth?

So the next time you are seeking psychic insight, listen to your inner voice. When you hear what the psychic has to tell you, ask yourself if this resonates with what your inner voice has been telling you, good AND bad.

If you are upset by what you hear, stop and ask yourself if this is because your inner voice knows it to be untrue, or if your ego refuses to accept it.

Your inner voice will never lie to you.

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