Is he on the moon or in a coma?

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YOU are the only one who can truly disempower yourself. If you want a successful, mutually respectful relationship, one of the first things that you need to do is detach yourself from anyone who is clearly not delivering that.

By doing so, you establish a personal boundary. You are making it clear that you are seeking more. If this is as good as it gets, its not enough for you.

The ability to do this is rooted in self love. It starts with believing that you are worth more.

I take many calls from clients who want to know when someone will call them. When this person will respond to emails and text messages. When they will come back and commit.

This is Magical Thinking!

My first response to this is that if someone truly wants to be with you, if they are looking for a commitment, IF THEY WANT TO TALK TO YOU, then they will.

You will not be left alone for long enough to even start the thought process that begins with ‘when’.

Clients often respond by telling me ‘its complicated’.

I seem to frequently find myself making this statement:

Relationships need TWO people who are committed to making it happen. TWO people who have made a conscious choice to invest themselves fully and make it work. TWO people who are emotionally mature enough to understand that it’s not always easy, that there will be challenges and life events that test the relationship. TWO people who are ready to meet those challenges head on, because they have committed to making this partnership work.

Part of working towards attaining this for yourself is to be aware of how the relationship is unfolding and to be ready to address issues as they arise. One of the less welcome parts of attaining this is knowing when to let it go and having the strength and self love to walk away.

Remain in the moment. How is this relationship working for you TODAY?

Nothing ever remains the same. People change and relationships evolve. Promises and plans that were made when you first met are made on the basis of potential, assumption and hope.

We enter new relationships seeing potential, assuming that this person is genuine, honest and capable of delivering what they are offering, and hoping that we get what we want.

Its a mistake to re-run those conversations over and over in your head when what is happening TODAY is the reality of the situation.

Is he on the Moon or in a Coma?



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