Is this my Soul Mate?

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Client: Is this my Soul Mate?

Answer: Take a seat, allow me to tell you about Soul Mates!

Many of us are seeking something special and unique. We yearn for the feeling that what we have is pre – destined, ‘meant to be’, and that we have found ‘the one’.

There are many reasons for this, a combination of TV, Movies and Media all indicating that we are not complete unless we find this relationship utopia, social conditioning that expects us to marry and pro create, and last but not least, that human desire to bond with another person, that burns inside us all.

What we are really seeking is a Life Mate. Someone who travels through life sharing our path. Someone who offers love, support, stability, consistency and friendship.

When we meet someone new, we enter into a ‘honeymoon period’. Its exciting, full of potential and fills us with joy and anticipation. During this time both parties are on their best behaviour. Each want to make a good impression and avoiding spoiling what they have found. As enjoyable as this period is, it is not sustainable. Within the first three to six months this initial euphoria will subside and what you have left is the person beneath all of that.

This is sometimes the point where one party decides that this is not something they want to take any further and they pull away. This is why it is VERY important to view the initial stages as an opportunity to explore the possibility of a long term interaction with this person, and NOT a done deal.

This is also the point where the abandoned party will reach out to psychics and ask, ‘Is this my Soul Mate?’

Soul Connections are about GROWTH. We are often resistant to growth. So when we have our heart set on a certain outcome with a certain person, and they wake up one day and decide that they are not seeking the same thing from us, we feel incredible disappointment, and suffer an ‘ego injury’.

In order to evolve spiritually, there needs to be an element of ‘ego death’. The ego wants what it wants, when it wants it, and refuses to let go of the object or person in its sights. Our ego then works on convincing us that we were not abandoned, there is still hope, and it looks for reassurance that all is not lost.

This is the point where we can often feel that what we have is a soul connection. We assume that the reason we can’t get this person out of our head is because there is some spiritual bond there, that this was not meant to end, and that all we need to do is find a way to get things back to the way we want them – the way that our EGO wants them.

So lets ask that question again: Is this my Soul Mate?

Answer: It doesn’t matter what this is, because the ONLY person you need to focus on is YOU. Examine why this has hurt you so badly. Think about why you got so deeply involved, so fast, that you didn’t notice the red flags that appeared on the horizon (yes, they WERE there). Consider how well you REALLY know this person, and remember that during those initial stages, you were seeing what they wanted you to see in order to gain your trust and attention. You were doing the same. They are now seeing the REAL you, just as you are seeing the REAL them.

Please do not spend YEARS trying to find what you had in the first three months. Yes it was wonderful, yes it really happened, but it was NOT sustainable and its gone. Look at what this person is offering you now, today, at this moment. Then be honest with yourself. Is THIS what you want?

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