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Sometimes, a psychic reading can do more harm than good. No matter what is revealed in a reading, no matter what predictions are made, all any of us have is RIGHT NOW.

The potential harm from a psychic reading comes when the client is not really seeking genuine insight, but reassurance.

Sometimes you sense that something is not completely over, you learn to recognise cycles and you hope that you will get another chance. You may be seeking a psychic reading to validate this feeling. You may be seeking timeframes and reassurance that you will get what you want.

Part of the grief process is denial. The heart does not want to accept loss. This is a natural reaction to loss which will pass, but only if you let go and ALLOW it to pass. Seeking out reassuring psychic readings and feel -good messages that everything is going to be wonderful is NOT the way to find peace and happiness.

Your relationship broke up for a reason. If reconciliation is possible there needs to be change to avoid ending up back in the same place.

No matter what the outcome, you need to be willing to LET GO.

If this really is the final chapter in your interaction, then you have no choice but to let go. Holding on is not good for you on any level.

If there is potential for a reconciliation you need to let go of the old habits, cycles and energy before there is a chance of the next cycle being a success.

If someone tells you that they no longer want to be with you, or their actions are making it apparent, then you have to let go. Holding on will not make you feel better.

If someone is not treating you well and you are hoping for change, letting go is the first step. Staying in a bad situation hoping for change is pointless. Pulling yourself out of a situation and renegotiating the terms under which you will re-engage is a powerful way to invoke the change you desire.

‘If you love someone, set them free’.

Most of all, set your SELF free!

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