Low hanging fruit

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low hanging fruit

If it is hanging low, it may be bruised or damaged by bugs or varmints. It is also less likely to be ripe. Experienced fruit pickers always start at the top of a tree, where the fruit is more ready to eat because of greater exposure to the sun. And because a picker places fruit in a bag slung over his or her shoulder, the bag gets heavier as the job progresses, and starting at the top puts gravity on the side of the picker.
Christoper Peterson Ph.D

So when we use this metaphor in terms of relationships, what does it mean?

When YOU are low hanging fruit

You lack boundaries.

You allow others to repeatedly treat you badly with no consequences.

You engage in casual sex, one night stands, and ‘friends with benefits’ arrangements.

You are involved with someone who is married, has a partner or goes back and forth between you and someone else.

You allow yourself to be used because any attention is better than being alone right?

You remain in undesirable situations because you lack SELF love.

You are ‘easy’.

You put yourself in a virtual waiting room hoping that the commitment phobic you are in love with will one day commit to you.

When you CHOOSE low hanging fruit

You are so desperate for love, attention, a relationship or even a date that you knowingly entertain someone who is clearly never going to be able to give you what you want.

You settle for less.

You make excuses for someones disrespectful and abusive behaviour.

You send out a subliminal message that you are hanging in there because you really don’t believe you are worth better.

You date irresponsible people who have no job, use drugs, abuse alcohol, have no home of their own, have been incarcerated or are currently locked up.

You still sleep with your dead beat ex even though you know they sleep with others and they have never paid you a penny in child support.


So what happens when you decide to move to the top of the tree? Well the first thing is that you may find yourself getting less attention. It takes time to reach the top of the tree. Its easy to pick up the bruised and overripe fruit lying on the ground.

It takes WORK to reach that fresh fruit. But the satisfaction you feel when you get there means you that you will value the crop because you took the time and trouble to harvest it. It also indicates that you REALLY wanted it and you are prepared to invest time and energy to get it.

The world is full of people who will happily pick whatever is being given away freely. But unless they have worked hard, earned the money and PAID for it, they are unlikely to value it and they will lose interest in it very quickly.

The same thing applies to relationships. So ask yourself – where is your position on the tree?

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