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Navigating your relationship can be hard work. There are challenges, highs, lows and compromise. Even when both people are fully committed and headed in the same direction there are still bumps in the road, but as long as both people are committed to making it work and overcoming challenges, it can work and be successful.

So what happens when one person is focused on a shared future and becomes attached to the outcome, while the other is just living in the moment?

What happens when your life choices and circumstances are not a good match?

Well, then you have BIG problems.

Love in its true form is unconditional. You love someone because you love them. Not because they want what you want, or they give you what you want, or they want the same things that you do in the same timescale. When it just so happens that the person you love DOES want all the same things that you do, then you have the makings of a wonderful union. When they have other ideas, you can easily end up in a tug of war with constant conflicts, and hurt feelings.

This is further exacerbated when people verbally commit to the same thing, but act in a way that is contrary to what they are saying. So the first thing you need to do is pay very close attention to what someone is DOING, because their actions will not lie.

Compromise is always possible. Communication is essential and when two people are fully committed to one another they will want to make one another happy and avoid conflict.

If you find yourself always pulling in the opposite direction to your partner, if they refuse to communicate. If compromise is impossible to reach, then it may be time to consider if this is a path you want to continue to walk.

Sacrificing your happiness to avoid losing someone will not make for a happy ever after.

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