Soul connection. How do you let go?

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Anyone who has experienced a true Soul Connection will understand just how hard it is to truly let go.   Time may have passed. Physical distance may be immense.  Life may have moved on since the last time you were together,  yet your heart holds on.

You try everything. Keeping busy, avoiding the temptation to obsess, or to seek out information about what he or she may be doing.  Perhaps you write an email but never click send. Dial the number but hang up before it connects. You may date others, you may be aware that your Soul Connection is dating, maybe they even got married. It hurts to know this but it doesn’t change how you feel.

Perhaps the Soul Connection reaches out to you. The urge to dive into that bitter sweet energy is almost impossible to resist,  but you know that you must. You remain strong and detached only to find that your heart is STILL holding on.

So why is this so hard?

Well if there was ever a true and pure love, its the love that one feels for a Soul Connection.  This is often where the difference between a Soul Connection and a regular relationship is most apparent.

Regular relationships often run a course.  Sometimes that is a lifetime until death brings about separation.  But sometimes  things end in separation or divorce.  People move on and enter into new commitments and the ‘ex’ becomes someone from the past. As time passes any lingering love or hate turns to indifference. They cease to be of any importance or relevance.

But a Soul Connection is not the same as a relationship.  Anything that is sent to trigger your deepest issues must also come with a incredibly strong bond.  Drama, conflict, betrayal and hurt are at the root of many lost and broken relationships.  We strive for happiness, peace, tranquillity.  We need stability and consistency in order to build a life and a future. If we find that those essential components are absent, this often leads to things falling apart and people seeking what they need elsewhere.   No one is suggesting that a relationship break up is easy, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

A light that can often feel absent in the darkness of a Soul Connection.

For many, the reason for trying to let go and move on is more practical than emotional.  You have one lifetime. The desire to be happy, to have a family, to share life and live it to the full, becomes the main focus.  When it becomes apparent that the Soul Connection, for whatever reason, is unable or unwilling to be a part of that journey, then you may begin to make different choices.

Does this make the love you feel for the Soul Connection go away?

NO!  It doesn’t.  It is not about breaking the connection. It is about accepting the connection for what it is without allowing it to destroy every ounce of happiness and all the good things that can be achieved.

It is possible to find love, build a life, have a family and pursue happiness with someone other than the Soul Connection.  Building a life with  the stuff that relationships are made of.  Being with someone who truly commits to you.  Someone who has your back.  Someone you can trust, who trusts you.  A person that you can rely on who has made a conscious choice to commit to making things work. The kind of love that grows stronger over time and is built and nurtured by two people who have decided to make it work.

When you compare this to the energy of a Soul Connection it is easy to see the difference.  Soul Connections are often the complete opposite of a healthy relationship. Erratic, unstable, highly charged, emotional, dramatic and sometimes abusive.  Comparable to trying to build a house in a war zone.

Can a Soul Connection ever be a relationship?

I believe it is possible.  I also believe it is very hard to achieve and very rare. Humans don’t release pain and work through it.  We store it up, conceal it and pretend it isn’t there.  It was often vulnerability that lead you to get hurt in the first place, so the very idea making yourself vulnerable in order to love and be loved is a terrifying and alien concept.

So you become hyper sensitive to criticism.  You see rejection where there is none.  You hide your true feelings because its safer that way.  You pretend you don’t care.  You lock yourself into a virtual suit of armour. You yearn for love and closeness but in order to have this, your defences need to be lowered and you have lost the ability to trust anyone enough to take that risk.

You then find yourself in an endless cycle of pursuing and rejecting love, seeking closeness and rejecting it before it gets TOO close

These cycles are what Soul Connections are all about. This is often what Soul Connections do to one another.  Two people who may be perfectly capable of having a relationships with others, suddenly find themselves uncontrollably drawn to one another and heartbreakingly unable to find peace together.

The Universe is offering you what you want but you must let down your defences to have it. Choosing to remain closed is always an option. The thing to consider is that all choices have consequences……It takes immense strength and bravery from two people to get past the dysfunction and open themselves fully to one another.

We may find many opportunities to enter into relationships as we travel through life, but finding a true Soul Connection is not only rare, it also demands absolute transparency, vulnerability, love and trust.

When all is said and done, the choice is simple. You either walk through life together or you leave one another alone so that you can each find happiness with someone else.

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