Synchronicity – what does it mean?

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[sing-kruh-niz-uh m]

Word Origin
coincidence in time; contemporaneousness; simultaneousness.
the arrangement or treatment of synchronous things or events in conjunction, as in a history.
a tabular arrangement of historical events or personages, grouped according to their dates.
Physics, Electricity. the state of being synchronous.
Psychoanalysis. the simultaneous occurrence of causally unrelated events and the belief that the simultaneity has meaning beyond mere coincidence.

Have you ever bought a new car and all of a sudden you seem to pass dozens of the same model on the road? They were there all along, but they had no connection to you, so you failed to notice them. This is heightened awareness due to the fact that you now have something in common with all the people driving these cars – you drive one too. Its like seeing a clone of your new prized possession traveling down the road. I recall many years ago standing at a road crossing waiting for the lights to change, as I stood there, a car passed. Not only was it the exact same model and colour as my car, but the licence plate was one digit different to mine. For a split second I thought someone had stolen my car! Think about how many cars you see on a daily basis. If you have no connection to those cars then you won’t pay any attention to them. If I had not owned a car just like the one that passed me, I would have paid no attention to it. That doesn’t mean it would not have been there. The universe didn’t put it there at that moment in time just for my benefit. It means that it would have been of no importance to me. I made the connection to something that was ALREADY there.

Lets change the context.

You just had your first date with someone new. They drive a certain model of car and all of a sudden you see many of this model around. Your heart skips a beat when you see this car because you think / hope that you may have run into this person. In this context, you may put this down to Synchronicity. You may tell yourself that this is a sign, an indication that this person is of great significance in your life – and maybe they are – but seeing a car that looks just like theirs has no greater meaning than seeing a car that looks just like YOURS. The difference here is that we tend to romanticise relationships in a way that we would never romanticise owning a car. So when we drive our new car around and see identical models passing us on the highway, we may look at them and note that we are seeing lot of this model around, that they must be popular, that we never noticed them before – but we don’t over analyse this, we don’t start wondering if this car is our soul mate or if we will have it for the rest of our lives!

Synchronicity is described as a phenomenon that is beyond coincidence. When my father passed away in 1983, several family members went to the local florist, at different times, to order flowers and choose from a large selection of cards, one that would be attached with a personal written message. After the funeral, the cards were all taken from the arrangements and given to my mother. It was then that we realised that all four children had chosen the same card for Dad. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Maybe just that we all knew and loved him and that particular card seemed like the right one.

Synchronicity is an interesting subject and many people will have amazing examples to share, but like everything else, its open to exploitation.

When you are lonely and seeking love, its easy to get drawn into magical thinking. The desire for the perfect union can be so strong that you may find yourself experiencing instances of synchronicity and applying way too much importance and relevance to it. We are energy, we attract energy from the universe and we send out our own energy. If you obsess over something or someone, you are going to draw that energy into your life. So if there is a certain car that you are saving up to buy, you may start to see that model wherever you go. You are noticing it because you WANT it. Its important to you. The same thing applies if you fall in love and obsess over someone. You will start to notice and make connections to things that relate to that person. You may be watching a movie and notice that someone who shares their name appears in the credits, they may be born on the 18th and you keep seeing the number 18 wherever you go. Maybe they live in house number 11 and you see instances of ’11’ appearing.

The thing to remember is that those things were there ALL ALONG – but now they have relevance to you. YOU drew that energy in. We often draw in the people who have something to teach us but these are not always the happiest of interactions. The universe cares that you learn and grow – it doesnt care if you have a nice time while you do it!

So be objective. The next time you notice instances of synchronicity remind yourself that while it may have meaning, it doesnt mean that you no longer have free will, it doesn’t mean that events are pre-destined, and in the case of romantic encounters, it may be more of a reflection of YOUR feelings and wishful thinking, than those of the other person.

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