Ten things you need to know about Soul Connections

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1) A Soul Connection is NOT the same as a relationship. Soul Connections are about growth and change. This means that interacting with a Soul Connection is always a very highly charged encounter. Issues, both yours and theirs, will be triggered. This has the potential to bring a lot of past hurts and dysfunction to the surface, to remind you that there are things that have yet to be resolved within YOU, and you now have the opportunity to do the work. Just remember that you can’t help the Soul Connection and they can’t help you. You merely serve to remind one another what you each need to work on for yourselves.

2) A Soul Connection is not a pre destined, meant-to-be, once-in-a-lifetime event. As we move through life we will encounter many Soul Connections. They are sent to help us grow, evolve and reach transcendence. They can be friends, siblings, co workers, neighbours, even animals.

3) Time scales are not predestined. Whilst Soul Connections often involve cycles, and each cycle is a chance to address the issues, you also have free will and so does the other person. So while it may be possible to see when the next cycle is going to come around, it is not possible to see when or even IF you will get the happy ever after you desire. Potential is always there, guarantees are not.

4) Not every difficult interaction is a Soul Connection. It is true that the very nature of Soul Connections is turbulent, unstable and inconsistent as a result of two people feeling a strong attraction to one another and finding that this combination brings enormous challenges as issues are triggered. However the same could be said for many other interactions, such as those which involve someone who is violent, abuses alcohol or drugs or is sociopathic / narcissistic. The interesting thing is that dealing with a soulmate often requires the same boundaries as dealing with any of these other less than ideal situations. By having solid boundaries and practicing self love.

5) Try not to get too obsessed with the romance of having a ‘Soul Connection’. It does not mean that you need to stick around to be abused, disrespected, hurt or let down. In fact the opposite is true. By allowing someone to treat you badly, by agreeing to be the victim of someone else’s dysfunction and by failing to establish healthy boundaries you are failing both yourself and the other party. The order of the day is growth and that is not achieved by rolling over and being the victim. You have the potential to be the catalyst for change – but you need to be proactive.

6) Your friends and family will not understand what you are dealing with. They love you and they want you to be happy. They will make sweeping statements like ‘move on’ ‘get over it’ ‘forget him / her’ and they may become frustrated with you when you don’t do as they suggest. If they have never experienced a Soul Connection they will have no idea how they work or just how devastating they can be. Don’t be surprised if you lose a few friends along the way. Remember that Soul Connections are about growth and as you grow and evolve there will be people who no longer vibrate at the same level. Let them go. Their part on your journey is over.

7) When you remind someone of the things that they need to heal within themselves they are not going to thank you for it. This can sometimes leave you walking on eggshells and avoiding things that really should be discussed. When you already know from experience that someone runs away when their issues are triggered the last thing you are going to want to do is say anything that provokes that response again. This leaves you with a choice. Continue to avoid the elephant in the room and suffer the consequences, or say what needs to be said and watch them detach. When faced with this choice think LONG term. If you fail to address the issues they will continue to fester under the surface. You may keep the person in your life today, this week, this month, but at what personal cost to you? Remember that self love is the key.

8) Do not focus on their issues. Focus on YOURS. They have free will. They will work on themselves when they are ready, not in your timescale. However, you working on yourself will mean that YOU change and when that happens the whole interaction changes. They know the steps in the current dysfunctional dance. When you change the steps they need to learn a new way to interact with you and that means change and growth.

9) Live your life for you, based on what you have now. DO NOT, under any circumstances imprison yourself in a virtual waiting room. Psychic readings many indicate that this isn’t over. They may pinpoint when you will get another chance. You may sense that its not over. Meanwhile you have your own journey, your own life and your own growth to make. Soul Connections are about growth. If you are stagnant then there is NO growth. If you are too available then they will have no fear of losing you and this means one thing – they can take their time – which takes us back to why timescales are NOT predictable. All that is certain is that if you do not grow, then nothing will change. So you have a lot more control here than you may think you do. Use the time apart wisely.

10) There are ALWAYS other options for you. You may feel emotionally attached to this person but you still have choices and chances to make new connections you are not trapped unless you DECIDE to be.

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