The power of suggestion


One of the reasons that it is vitally important to be selective when choosing a psychic is the power of suggestion.

Imagine spells for example, they are very often no more than a suggestion, and their power comes from a combination of your belief in the suggestion and the person casting the spell. So if you approach a ‘spell caster’ to help you give up smoking, and you BELIEVE that whatever they did will work, then theres a good chance that it will, but the question remains, was it because the spell worked or was it because YOU believed it would?

It is important to add that any psychic who follows the Psychic Guidance Code of Practice, myself included, does not engage in any kind of spell work, instead we encourage the client to believe in themselves not the power of some outside force or entity, either real or ‘suggested’.

But let us now apply this to psychic readings. When we consult with a psychic, we are essentially opening ourselves to the power of suggestion from that person. Many years ago, a friend of mine consulted with a local psychic in a face to face reading. This lady picked up many accurate details about my friends life, which ‘hooked’ my friend into believing that she was outstandingly accurate. It also led to my friend to believe a lot of things that could not be confirmed as they were predictions of future events.

One of the predictions was that she would meet a man, who would be tall, with blonde hair and his name was Mike, she was also told that he had links to Australia and the USA. My friend was here in England. At the time my friend had two young children and this ‘Mike’ apparently also had two young children, and she was told that they were destined to meet and they would marry and have another child between them. That this would be a happy union and he would be like a father to her children and they would love him. This was all going to happen within 5 years.

Years passed, she dated a number of guys and each time she would be looking for signs that this was the guy, perhaps ‘Mike’ was his middle name, perhaps the psychic got the name wrong but other things like height and hair colour were correct, perhaps she counted the wrong number of kids etc. The thing is ‘Mike’ never appeared.

My friend eventually married someone else, had another baby, got divorced and raised her kids alone. Ok, so perhaps ‘Mike’ has yet to appear – after all timing is hard to predict right? But even if he appears now, she is not going to have a baby with him, he is not going to be a wonderful father to her now adult children and this prediction was made 20 years ago, not less than five!

The thing is that every time she got involved with someone new, she doubted that it would work, because this obviously wasnt ‘Mike’, and when it didnt work it came as no surprise! In the back of her mind she knew he was the ‘wrong’ guy all along!

This is why it is extremely important to seek psychic help from ethical practitioners and not just be guided by price, ratings or what your friends think. Nor should you be guided by what you WANT to hear. When someone is single and lonely, what is better than being told that you will meet your dream man and get your happy ever after within five years? Its also very important to be aware that just because someone claims to be a psychic, it doesn’t mean they are psychic and even if they are, it doesn’t mean that their work is ethical and above board.

The single biggest pitfall when seeking psychic guidance is that we rarely do so when everything is flowing smoothly in our lives. When we seek a reading it is more often than not due to some kind of loss or change, and all too often, all we really want is someone to tell us that everything will be fine and this period will pass. In these cases we are not open to true, honest psychic guidance, we are seeking REASSURANCE, packaged up to look like psychic guidance.

Some of the highest priced, highest rated psychics on the major platforms have reached that status not because they are outstandingly accurate or bluntly honest, on the contrary, the bluntly honest often find themselves hit with low ratings and that varies only according to how tactful they are at delivering bad news. To please all the people all the time, you have to sell them what they came for, and in most cases, that is REASSURANCE and not GENUINE PSYCHIC GUIDANCE.

So the next time you are seeking a psychic reading, ignore the ratings, the profile, the blog and all the things that this person WANTS you to believe about them and ask some questions of your own. If they claim to be able to tell you who you will spend the rest of your life with, if they claim to tell you the name of ‘the one’, if they try and lead you to believe that life is a series of predestined events and its all set in stone – then you are not getting true psychic guidance, you are being sold REASSURANCE – often at an obscene price! BUYER BEWARE!

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