You are the Catalyst NOT the Martyr.

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Soulmates are brought together to trigger the issues of one another. This is with the intention, the HOPE, that each person will then WORK on their own issues. Only when this work is done can the couple attempt to be together in a traditional relationship.

If this work is NOT done then any efforts to be together will be met with resistance, pain, drama and disappointment.

There is often a cycle in soul connections. Two people come together – the issues are triggered, they are torn apart – often because one person runs away, and they are each left to work through all the issues that were brought to the surface as a result of this connection and the subsequent parting.

There will then often follow instances of reconnection – not for a grand reunion, but for an opportunity to face one another and see how much growth (if any) each person has made.

The ideal scenario here would of course be that both parties have recognised what needs to change and how they need to grow, acknowledged the issues that they need to work on for themselves, and both will have evolved enough to walk the last part of the journey together as a loving couple.

But what happens when this is not the case? What happens when one person has faced their demons, worked on their issues and grown immensely as a result of this, only to find that when that reconnection takes place the other person appears to have been stagnant, stubborn, still ego driven and still playing out the same routine?

Well there are two wonderful things that happen here! The first is that you suddenly realise just how far you have come! It can feel like you just sat the longest exam of your life, the results came through, and you passed with flying colours! The reasons for the connection, the pain, the heartache and the drama are suddenly apparent and a peaceful wave of acceptance and understanding fills your heart and mind.

The second thing to happen is that you finally see the other person as they truly are – the lack of growth on their part becomes painfully obvious and you suddenly realise that now you have paid such a high emotional price to find yourself in this new energy, that you have NO DESIRE to step back into the energy of someone who just refuses to grow. They were the catalyst for your growth and you had the courage to rise to the challenge! You were the catalyst for their growth and they hid under a rock and refused to look within.

The Universe will NOT force you to remain in a connection where one party refuses to grow. You suddenly realise that you are NOT destined to remain emotionally tied to someone who is stuck in a pattern of dysfunction. You are FREE.

You can now look at this person with a feeling of absolute unconditional love – a love where you recognise them for who, what and where they are, and understand that if they refuse to walk by your side, then you can, you MUST, walk alone. There is a path ahead of you now and it is filled with hope, love, wonder and joy. The soulmate cracked open the shell within you that was holding you back from the wonder of your own journey. Be thankful. Let them go. Wish them well. You are NOT required to relive the horror with them. It is THEIR journey now. You are the catalyst not the martyr.

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