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We all want to be reassured that the future path ahead of us is full of promise and potential but its very important to remember that a genuine psychic reading is not a Disney movie script.

Fortune tellers LOVE to give feel good readings. They will tune into what you are hoping to hear and spin a glorious fairy tale that taps into your deepest hopes and desires. If this is what you were seeking then this is no different to paying to see a movie or spending a day at the theme park. You are paying for entertainment and that is what you are getting.

If you want a realistic reading, you need to ask realistic questions!

A good example of this is the single client who calls to find out if they will get married and have a baby in the near future.

The entertaining answer would be yes, of course. This time next next year you will be happily married to a guy who looks like (enter name of favourite movie star), who will adore you and you will be the mother of twins who have just won a contract to appear on billboards all over the country advertising baby food because they are the most stunning looking babies anyone ever saw. They will earn so much money that you will buy a 7 bedroom house in Beverley Hills so that your darlings will be readily available for further casting opportunities.

The reality may be that the client is living in such a way that the chances to meet this guy are a million to one.

They may be obsessing over an ex.

They may stay at home and never put themselves in situations where they will meet new people.

They may be morbidly obese, have health issues, not take care of their appearance.

They may be sending out a needy, desperate, clingy energy to any potential partners.

There is a good reason that what I call ‘Fairy tale selling’ is big business. As long as there are callers who want to be told that everything will be ok, even if NOTHING in their life is remotely headed in that direction, then there will be people offering to provide that service.

Peddling fairy stories is also FAR MORE financially lucrative than offering readings based in reality. Telling someone what they want to hear will feed their ego, quench their need for reassurance and give them a short term ‘fix’.

For a genuine psychic, clients who want this kind of service are incredibly hard work and I turn many of them away. They often end up coming back to me at a later date when they have realised that the while the fortune telling ‘quick fix’ readings were enjoyable, the reality remained the same and the predictions never happened.

A caller once asked me if she would relocate and purchase a home in a stunning coastal resort. She was clearly looking for confirmation that this would happen in the near future.

The reality of the situation was that she was disabled, lived in run down assisted housing complete with rats mould and roaches, had a house full of worn out, second hand furniture and often relied on family members to buy her groceries because her ability to support herself financially was limited. She was also in her late 50s. Short of a lottery win or inheritance, her dream was NEVER going to happen because NOTHING in her life was remotely heading in that direction. Broke disabled ladies in their fifties do not purchase upscale coastal real estate!

This is a typical example of someone seeking a fairy tale reading. No matter what kind of reading a client like this gets, she will not be happy in the long term and she will end up, at some point, berating the reader.

If she comes to me I will refuse to feed the need for fiction and base the reading in reality. This is not what she is seeking and she will not be satisfied.

If she goes to a fortune teller she will get her ‘quick fix’ and wake up three years from now no closer to her dream.

When someone approaches a reading in this way they are denying the psychic an opportunity to offer a clear and realistic reading and they are denying themselves the opportunity to hear a message that may have actually helped or guided them in some way.

A genuine psychic reading is NOT about making you feel better.

A fortune telling reading can be anything you want it to be – its entertainment!

A bogus psychic reading can also psychologically trap you in a virtual waiting room whilst you hold on to predictions and timescales and miss REAL opportunities that come along.

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