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There is a trend among certain people seeking psychic readings to try and manipulate the answers they are getting from the psychic. This is done in several ways.

Asking the same question over and over, each time in a slightly different way – even if it has already been answered. Its important to remember that when a psychic answers a question they will do so to the best of their ability, they are not going to hold back important information or purposely not answer the question fully – there would be no point.

Posing the question in a way that makes it very clear that only one answer is welcome. An example of that would be when someone asks ‘when will I reconcile with John’ indicating that NOT reconciling with John would not be an acceptable answer.

Arguing with the psychic about what they are picking up. Psychics are not God, we will tell you what we are reading – if that isnt what you hoped to hear, arguing with or bullying the psychic is not productive. At best you will just have the same thing reconfirmed. At worst, if you are dealing with a phoney, you will have them feeding you the words that you are hoping to hear for fear of a bad rating. You are actually cheating yourself out of the truth when you do this, but in 6 months time when nothing has transpired you may look back and blame the psychic because they were ‘wrong’. The question you need to ask yourself is did you give them a fair chance to deliver the truth?

If you tell me what I want to hear you are a great psychic, if you dont then it was your opinion and you are not psychic at all. This one seems to be increasingly common. Do you want a psychic reading or do you want someone to make you feel better? This may seem like a silly question but its amazing how many people are just not open to anything but reassurance that what is often a lost cause, or an impossible situation, is going to turn out well within the next 6 weeks.

If you are going to spend your money on someone who can offer INSIGHT – make sure that its INSIGHT that you are really seeking and not REASSURANCE.

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