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I have recently encountered a number of instances where people have made assumptions about my work and my connection to Steve Gunn. I am hoping that this clarifies the situation.


I have known Steve Gunn for many years, we have collaborated in a number of business ventures.


There is a chapter in Steves first book called ‘Robert and Fiona’. I am NOT the Fiona that he is writing about, he wrote the book before he met me and names were changed to protect the identity of those he was referring to.

I do NOT practice PN. Steve has his own methods and practices and as far as I am aware he is the only person who offers PN, which is something that he created.

I have recently had to turn away and refund a few clients who paid for sessions assuming that I could help them with PN or pick up where Steve left off.

I have my own way of working, if you are unsure that I offer the service you are seeking please read the information here on my website or email me with any questions before booking and paying for a reading.

If you want PN you will need to contact Steve directly. A reading with me will be based on what I pick up when I read you and have no bearing on any work you have done with Steve or anyone else. I am not here to confirm or dispute what someone else told you.

It will also be confidential, I don’t share my client list with Steve, I work independently. No one, including Steve Gunn, will know that you had a reading with me unless YOU tell them.

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