Ten ways to get the best from a psychic reading.

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1). CHOOSE CAREFULLY! This is probably the most important thing to consider, particularly if you are seeking insight on matters close to your heart. The last thing you need is to be misguided, to be held in a place where you wait for things to transpire, or to receive an outright fairy story. Bad readings and fake psychics can be found anywhere, but they do tend to be found in higher numbers on major platforms or anywhere that allows clients to leave a rating. When your income is completely dependent in getting a steady flow of calls, a low rating or negative comments can mean much fewer calls. Those who lack ethics or are there purely to make money will make sure that they tell you what you were hoping to hear – and sadly this can sometimes be a long way from reality. If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is!

2). Be informed. There is a vast difference between a fortune teller and someone offering genuine psychic insight. Fortune tellers are essentially entertainers. They are the ones who will give you a general reading picking up random things and making long term predictions. Most of what they tell you cannot be verified because its either too vague or too far ahead. Another way to describe this would be to say that they sell reassurance. If you ask a fortune teller when you will meet someone for a long term relationship, you can GUARANTEE that they will see your perfect match making an appearance in the not too distant future. Someone offering genuine psychic insight and reading your energy is going to pick up why your past relationships didn’t work out and the issues that you need to address to have the relationship that you seek. So ask yourself if you want to be entertained or really helped to get your life on track.

3). Be honest. Beating around the bush and playing ‘test the psychic’ games is a waste of your time and money. So if you have a specific issue then share it. A good psychic will be able to read your energy but if you dont tell them why you are seeking a reading then you may waste time while they pick up random things that are of no importance to you. YOU know why you want a reading so get to the point.

4). Be interactive. If a psychic is asking you multiple questions about your situation only to build a reading out of what you just told them then be very cautious. If they dont tell you anything that you havent already told them, then you are not getting psychic insight you are getting friendly advice. However, sometimes a psychic may pick up info that means nothing to them and may not even make sense, so if they tell you something and ask if you understand, or if this makes sense to you, then a yes or no answer is required. There is nothing worse than reading someone, asking them if they understand what you are picking up and getting a response like, ‘You are the psychic, you tell me’. We dont pick up everything, we are not God, we do not live inside your head and when you are paying for a service, an ethical psychic will want to know that you are getting the service that you came for – not wasting time and money playing guessing games.

5). Listen without prejudice. People often approach a psychic with a closed mind. They have their own ideas, assumptions and sense of entitlement. So they come to a reading, to have what they already believe to be true – confirmed by a psychic. A psychic is not there to argue with you, you are paying them to tell you what they pick up about your situation. It may not be what you were hoping to hear but asking the same thing in ten different ways will not change the answer. Bad news doesnt equal bad psychic.

6). Come with an open mind. If you want to ask about a certain person it is far better to give a name and see what is picked up, rather than make an announcement that you want a reading about your soulmate, that you are very spiritual and that you already know all there is to know because 96 other psychics told you. If you REALLY knew for sure then you wouldnt be getting a psychic reading.

7). Dont turn psychic readings into an addiction. If you find a psychic that you trust, and what they tell you resonates with you, then resist the temptation to skip from one psychic to the next. It you happen to come across a scammer it will throw you into a frenzy if they dont tell you what others told you, and you could find yourself searching for even MORE readings ‘just to see that they pick up’. Its not healthy for you or your bank balance and a psychic reading should never take the place of good old common sense and your own inner voice. A psychic reading can offer you insight, it should not become a crutch.

8). Remember that psychics are normal people too! Just because someone works as a psychic doesn’t mean that they are reading you all the time, doesn’t mean that they are ‘switched on’ all the time and to be blunt, doesnt mean that they are remotely interested in reading your energy while they are walking around the grocery store, walking the dog or just making general conversation. Its a job, maybe a little different to the average one, but a job nevertheless so if you wouldn’t ask your gardener neighbour to come and cut your grass, and you wouldn’t ask your bricklayer friend to come and build you a wall, free of charge whilst they are going about their day to day life, then dont expect a psychic to welcome you with open arms when you are having a friendly conversation and you suddenly ask them to ‘take a quick look at this for me’. I was chatting to someone a few days ago, I asked him what his star sign was and he replied ‘I dont want you to read me’. I was asking purely out of interest and if he wanted a reading then he would have to book one and pay for it like everyone else, but he assumed that I was reading him while we chatted which is like assuming that someone who works as a cleaner is going to get the vacuum out and start cleaning your house when you invited them around for dinner!

9). Dont beg for free services. Most psychics will work with you if you have a dilemma and are short of cash, but approaching a psychic that you have never worked with before, someone that you have never PAID for a reading before, and asking for a free reading is highly disrespectful. If someone is not offering free services then do not ask for free services. Its rude. No one ever died from not getting a psychic reading! Sometimes people adopt the attitude that because they have spent X amount of money in the past with a psychic that it entitles them to free services. No business works that way. You wouldn’t go into Walmart and demand free groceries because you have spent so much there in the previous weeks – psychic readings are no different, in fact asking for free food would be more justified as we need it to survive!

10). Sleep on it. The human brain takes three sleep cycles to fully ‘download’ new info, so when you get a reading, sleep on it, then sleep on it twice more. You may feel totally different three days after a reading than you did three minutes after it!

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