Soul Connection Legacy

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The legacy of a Soul Connection is wisdom.

Lessons learned, experience gained, consequences suffered as a result of choices made, invisible scars that serve as a compass – guiding us away from repeating negative patterns.

The experience of the Soul Connection remains within us, in a similar way to a bereavement. When we lose someone through death we never forget them, but life goes on without them. We are forced to let go of the physical interaction, they are no longer a part of day to day life, and in time, this becomes easier.

Some of us reach this point after many cycles with the Soul Connection. The free will aspect allows us to keep heading back in that direction as many times as we want to – each time experiencing the outcome. Each time reaching the realisation that this was never going to be a happy ever after, and FINALLY reaching the point where we just do not want to feel pain anymore, and the only way to avoid it is to let go of the catalyst – the Soul Connection.

Often, the letting go stage is a very significant turning point. I am not describing the ‘letting go’ that you may have done 20 times over the years only to return for a another ride on the merry-go-round. I am talking about LETTING GO. When you know with every fibre of your being that this interaction is done. That YOU, are done. When you no longer harbour thoughts of ‘what will he / she think if I do this’. When it doesn’t matter what they think. It matters what YOU think, what YOU do, how YOU feel and where YOU go from here.

If you are reading this and thinking that sounds incredibly painful. If you can feel yourself resisting acceptance of the inevitable, then to put it bluntly, you obviously haven’t had enough pain yet! Thats ok, you will get there. Its your journey and the only one who knows when you have reached your personal destination is YOU.

For those who really have reached that utopia called LETTING GO, you may not feel like celebrating. But you will feel FREE. Like being freed from your own self imposed prison. Your life is now very different to the one you left when you walked into that prison, but you made it, you survived, you now have a far greater understanding of yourself, of others, of relationships and human psychology, and as you continue on your path you vibrate at a higher level, you practice self love, you have healthy boundaries, and, if you choose to, you can guide others who are clearly battling the demons that you met on your path.

This Soul Connection fades into the realms of ‘someone you once knew’. You realise the reasons for the connection and you understand that this was not about them, it was about YOU. You attracted what was required to trigger the issues that YOU needed to address for yourself.

The immense connection that you felt was the karmic glue that held you still while the universe rubbed salt in your deepest wounds and taught you important life lessons. A bit like being locked in a classroom until you learned your lesson. Knuckle down, do the work and you can leave. It was always your choice to work fast or try every conceivable way to cut class and escape through the window, only to be dragged back in to start all over again.

The only way that you could heal was to be reminded of what NEEDED to be healed. When you reach the point where the lessons are learned, when you finally GET IT, when you understand what you need to do, then you will no longer feel the pull.

Many of my old clients, the ones who have graduated ‘Soul Connection Boot Camp’ find themselves in a place that they never thought it was possible to reach when they were stuck in the karmic glue.

‘I looked at him one day and realised that I don’t even know who he is’

‘I listened to what he was saying and it was like a tired old script, saying the same things, making the same promises that he made when I met him 10 years ago, promises that he never kept’.

‘I finally realised that I had allowed myself to be abused’.

‘ My phone rang and when I saw her number I no longer had the urge to pick it up and talk to her, in fact I felt sick at the thought of being pulled back into the craziness, maybe its time to change my number….’

‘I do not feel love or hate, I feel total indifference’

‘I feel like I just cut out the cancer that was poisoning my chance of ever being happy’

‘I knew he was a Narcissist, why did it take me so long to accept that?’


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